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A little history about Jeanerette

Jeanerette, known as “SUGAR CITY”, derived its name from John W. Jeanerette, a South Carolina gentleman, who came to the Teche country in 1830.  He purchased Pine Grove Plantation, known as Beau Pre, located north of present day Jeanerette.  He worked as a tutor on the plantation, opened a store and saloon. He offered a portion of his house to be used as a mail depository for the local inhabitants.  Persons sending mail addressed it in care of John W. Jeanerette.  Officially the John W. was dropped and John Jeanerette became the first postmaster and the name Jeanerette stuck.

The city is situated in the heart of Acadiana, in Iberia parish, along the beautiful banks of Bayou Teche.

The town of Jeanerette was charted in 1878 and grew from the Cypress lumber and sugar industries.  Today antebellum homes can be seen in the city and through out the area standing witness to that era.

Sugarcane a key factor in the community’s economic growth for the past 200 years boasts 3 active sugar mills, one of which is located within the city.  Jeanerette is the home of manufacturers of equipment for the cultivation, harvesting and processing of sugarcane.  Cane harvesting season (grinding) starts in October and goes through December. Today additional sources of income for the people of Jeanerette include oil and gas, salt, carbon black, a garment distribution center, and fishing.

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