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Come for a Visit and Uncover Unique Items from the Past!

Antique Cypress Patterns


Originally Used by Moresi Foundry

Handmade Cypress Patterns were used to cast iron gears and other parts needed for sugar mills and farming. These patterns were crafted and used by Moresi Foundry. The foundry building located next to the museum was built in 1893 and still operates today.

The business originally was opened in 1885 by Antoine Moresi, who emigrated from Switzerland in 1852.


Moresi’s Foundry is known for its sugar kettles often seen in gardens and the equipment it produces to keep local sugar mills in operation.



Into the Swamp

Native Species Collection

The museum is home to a swamp room featuring a large mural, and over 40 native species of birds, animals and aquatic life thanks to the efforts of local taxidermist, Edmond Landry and others that have donated items to the museum.


This is a favorite room of children who enjoy seeing taxidermied alligators, foxes, beavers, wood ducks and other items local to the Louisiana area.


Sugar Cane History


200 Years of the Sugar Cane Industry

Learn about the sugar cane industry from planting to harvesting. A large pictorial exhibit on the last 200 years of the sugar cane history that once was featured by the Smithsonian Institute is just one of the many displays related to the sugar industry. See antique farm equipment and other items used in the sugar industry.


View the film From Sugarcane to Sugar and be sure to ask our staff for more information on this fascinating industry.

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